Package gzz.view

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Interface Summary
Cell1DBuoyHook.Floater A simple interface for placing buoys.
CellPlacementHook An interface for code to be run when a cell has been placed in a box.
FallbackSceneDecorator An object adding additional information into a Fallback vob scene.
VanishingClient An interface abstracting some things away from the vanishing view.
View.NamedView A view that has a default name, which can be shown in the Fallback client or if the cell representing the view doesn't have content.
ViewContext An object providing context information to a view, e.g.

Class Summary
AbstractViewContext An implementation of ViewContext providing set methods for almost all methods of ViewContext.
BFRaster A class representing a portion of space read out in a breadth-first way.
BoxCellView A cell view showing a box around a cell.
Cell1DBuoyHook Deprecated. Superceded by gzz.view.buoy.PPLinker
CellHBox An HBox that contains a cell, using a given CellView.
CellMagnifier A CellView that delegates all calls to another CellView, except that it multiplies the results of getSize() calls with a constant factor.
CellView A view that shows a cell in a box.
CellViewPlugin A "plugin" which allows decoration of a CellInBox object by a CellPlacementHook.
CoordinatePlaneMultiView A view which shows a single rank of cells, at coordinates given in the structure.
CoordinatePlaneView A view which shows a single rank of cells, at coordinates given in the structure.
DefaultBinder Keybindings for the Fallback client.
DimDecorator A Fallback scene decorator adding the current dimensions into the vob scene.
FisheyeState A class which encapsulates a fisheye transformation, zooming and panning, adjustable by dragging with the mouse.
FullScreenView A view that shows only the accursed cell, full-screen.
ImageCellContentView A cell content view showing a cell's image.
LastOpDecorator A Fallback scene decorator showing the last (currently waiting) directional op entered.
LinebrokenCellContentView A cell content view showing a cell's text, broken into lines.
LollipopCellView A factory for making ball-and-stick aka lollipop cell vobs.
Mark An object representing a marked cell.
MarkDecorator A scene decorator showing the current mark set.
MultitypeCellContentView A cell content view that uses a text- or pagespan view, dependent on the type of content.
PageSpanCellView A cellview that shows pagespan pages placed next to each other.
PlainVanishing A plain (no-constraint) version of vanishing view, useful as a building block for imagespan views.
RowColView A simple row/col zzstructure view.
TextCellContentView A cell content view showing a cell's text.
ZZViewContext An implementation of ViewContext reading its data from the zzstructure (XXX not complete).