Uses of Interface

Packages that use DimDelta

Uses of DimDelta in gzz.diff

Classes in gzz.diff that implement DimDelta
 class SimpleDimDelta
          A change for a "plain" dimension.

Methods in gzz.diff that return DimDelta
 DimDelta SimpleDimDelta.inverse()
 DimDelta DimDelta.inverse()
          Get the inverse of this change.
 DimDelta DeltaDim.checkpointDelta()
          Get the set of changes.
 DimDelta DeltaDim.getDeltaFromZero()
          Get the set of changes needed to take a dimension from zero to the current state of this dimension.

Methods in gzz.diff with parameters of type DimDelta
 void DeltaDim.applyDelta(DimDelta m)
          Apply a delta to this dimension.

Uses of DimDelta in gzz.impl

Methods in gzz.impl that return DimDelta
 DimDelta NormalDim.checkpointDelta()
          Get the changes since previous checkpoint.
 DimDelta NormalDim.getDeltaFromZero()

Methods in gzz.impl with parameters of type DimDelta
 void NormalDim.applyDelta(DimDelta dset)