Package gzz.impl

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Interface Summary
CellManager The cells of a single ZZ space.
DeltaDimManager The dimensions of a DeltaSpace.
DimManager The dimensions of a single ZZ space.
IdentityManager The global identities in a ZZ space.
ModularCellTexter A celltexter that knows how to act in a ModularSpace.

Class Summary
AbstractCellManager A CellManager which implements the most trivial functions.
AbstractDeltaDimManager A DeltaDimManager which implements the most trivial functions.
AbstractDim Abstract implementation of Dim with standard implementations for most methods.
AbstractDimManager A DimManager which implements the most trivial functions.
AbstractSpace An abstract implementation of Space, which provides the methods that need to be implemented in a certain way to conform to the Space interface.
DummyIdentityManager A really simple implementation of IdentityManager.
DummyObsTrigger A dummy ObsTrigger: never triggers anything.
EvilCellTexter Some non-referential implementations of CellTexter methods.
ModularDeltaSpace ModularSpace extended to implement gzz.diff.DeltaSpace
ModularSpace An implementation of space that delegates calls to a CellManager and a DimManager.
NormalDim An extension of SimpleDim that supports Deltas; the standard dimension used in Gzz.
NormalDim.NormalDimManager A DimManager that creates a SimpleDim for any given Id.
PlainCellManager A CellManager which uses the class Cell directly, and where all cells exist.
SimpleDeltaVStreamTexter An extension of SimpleVStreamTexter into a DeltaCellTexter.
SimpleDim A simple, modifiable ZZ dimension.
SimpleDim.SimpleDimManager A DimManager that creates a SimpleDim for any given Id.
SimpleObsTrigger A basic implementation of ObsTrigger.
SimpleVStreamTexter A simple referential CellTexter.
SingleSlicer A Slicer for spaces containing only a single slice.