Class Delta

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All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Delta
extends java.lang.Object
implements java.io.Serializable

A change between two versions of a DeltaSpace. This object is serializable and mustn't contain references to Cell, Space etc.

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Delta(java.util.Map dimChanges, ContentDelta contentDelta)
Method Summary
 ContentDelta getContentDelta()
          Get the changes to cell contents.
 java.util.Map getDimChanges()
          Get the changes for each dimension as a map.
 Delta inverse()
          Get the inverse of this change.
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Constructor Detail


public Delta(java.util.Map dimChanges,
             ContentDelta contentDelta)
Method Detail


public Delta inverse()
Get the inverse of this change.


public java.util.Map getDimChanges()
Get the changes for each dimension as a map. The keys are the ids of the dimensions as strings. The Map and the values in it may be edited in place.


public ContentDelta getContentDelta()
Get the changes to cell contents.