Package gzz.client

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Interface Summary
AbstractUpdateManager.FractCalculator An animation main curve calculator.
AbstractUpdateManager.Window A window animation is performed in.
Binder An interface for receiving keystrokes and mouse events.
FallbackBinder A set of keybindings for the fallback client.
GraphicsAPI.RenderingSurface An interface for generic rendering surfaces.
GraphicsAPI.Window An interface for windows visible on the screen.
JoystickListener An interface for receiving joystick events.
Shower An interface for the party that's responsible for generating the vobscene for a view.
SpanVob An interface to vobs connected to some span.

Class Summary
AbstractUpdateManager A single global instance to manage the updating of windows.
Fallback A fallback client, which does not depend on the structure in any way.
Fallback.FallbackDim A name and a dimension object.
GraphicsAPI An interface that both the OpenGL and java.awt.Graphics subsystems provide.
JoystickState The current state of a joystick.
LinuxJoystick A simple class to use the Linux joystick API.
LinuxJoystick.Calibrator A class for reading and using jscalibrator files.
Params Static methods to read parameters of an object.
Screen An aggregate which defines a user-visible window and its contents.

Exception Summary
ClientException An exception that is not due to a programming error, but an incapability to perform the user's request.