In file gfx/libpaper/Paper.hxx:

namespace Paper

Hardware-accelerated, procedurally textured unique backgrounds


Hardware-accelerated, procedurally textured unique backgrounds

class LightParam
Specifies texture coordinate system and the parameters of the diffuse light for lighting the backgrounds using bump mapping
class LightSetup
(internal): an abstract base class for objects used to set up the texture blending using the light parameters
class BlendColorSetup: public LightSetup
Set up the blend color to be the light color
class LightDirSetup: public LightSetup
Computes light direction in paper texture coordinates into the primary color.
class TexGen
Simple, non-lighting-dependent TexGen.
class TexGenEmboss: public TexGen
TexGen for embossing.
class TexGenLightmap: public TexGen
TexGen for transforming light intensity or direction map into paper texture coordinates for a light at a finite distance.
class PaperPass
A single rendering pass.
class Paper: public vector<PaperPass>
A paper is simply a vector of passes

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