PEG vobcoorder_fontscale--tjl:

Author: Tuomas Lukka
Revision: 1.4
Status: Current

We need to improve the scale mechanism for fonts.



Into VobCoorder, add:

/** Get the scale that vobs put into this coordsys have,
 * for use with AWT font metrics.
 * The semantics depends on the current windowing system:
 * <ul>
 * <li> If fonts in the current system scale in any desirable way,
 *      this method will always return 1.
 * <li> If fonts in the current system change their metrics as a result
 *      of scaling (e.g. AWT), this method returns the ratio between 
 *      the change of coordinates inside the coordinate system and the
 *      change of coordinates in the window coordinates, i.e. the magnification
 *      ratio.
 *          If the coordinate system is an anisotropic scaling, the results
 *          are undefined (but should be reasonable, somewhere between the two
 *          scales).
 * </ul>
float getFontScale(int cs);