miniblocks_uris--benja: Changes to the miniblock URI syntax

Author: Benja Fallenstein
Date: 2003-01-01
Revision: 1.5
Status: Accepted

miniblocks--benja states that the default MIME type of a miniblock is text/plain. Since we are promoting Unicode, this should be text/plain;charset=UTF-8.



In addition, to be closer to RFC 2397 (The "data" URL scheme), the syntax is modified to the following:


where <random> is a base64-encoded string containing at least 160 bits of randomness (as in urn-5), <counter> is a counter of miniblocks with the same <random> part (only [0-9] digits are allowed), <mimetype> is the content type of the block, with optional parameters, and <data> is the actual data.

If ;base64 is given, <data> is encoded in base64 as per RFC 2045, section 6.8. (Base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding). Note that this differs from <random>, which is encoded according to the urn-5 spec.

We will not support base64 encoding in Gzz initially (just as we don't support anything but text/plain;charset=UTF-8).

The case of 'data' and ';base64' does not matter (as well as the case of 'storm' doesn't, per the URI spec).