fenfire_vision--benja_tjl: The Fenfire mission statement

Author: Benja Fallenstein
Author: Tuomas J. Lukka
Date: 2003-02-17
Revision: 1.6
Status: Incomplete

Below, we propose a manifesto for the Fenfire project (currently in draft form). This document shall summarize to outsiders where we are going with this.


The text

A single data model

All data meaningful to a user should be stored in the same format. This format should allow making links at any granularity.


Any software we make should be available for anyone to play with. Thus, it should be free software, unencumbered by patents or other IPR restrictions.

The point is that for example any teenage computer enthusiast in a small town should be able to just get on with it.

Any hardware we require should be cheap and commonly available: PC is OK, 3D accelerators are OK, $5000 datagloves and projectors are not.

--> idea: experiment with building cheap controllers out of mice and LEGOs.

Who is funding the research group and what do they want?

(this space unintentionally left blank ;-))