PEGBOARD - Index of Proposals for Enhancing Gzz

As seen on the mailing lists, we need some structure to new architectural ideas. Let's try this.

All changes to the following packages ("frozen" packages) and classes must go through PEGs:

Note, however, that these are not recursive: freezing gzz.vob does not mean that gzz.vob.vobs would be frozen - that package is most definitely not frozen.

Any other semantic changes to the frozen packages and classes will be summarily rejected and reverted. If you need a change quickly, then subclass or create a branch. Changes to javadoc and indentation etc. are exempted, as are bug fixes that correct classes to compliance with javadoc or the architecture documentation in doc/.

This list will be updated once in a while, to reflect newly stabilized packages.

It is also recommended that large changes to other classes or packages be PEGged first but not required: such changes will not be summarily rejected.

PEGs should use the python reStructuredText markup language. Quick reference could be handy. See also PEG 201 for current format.


Status Name Topic Authors Stakeholders Files
Current vob_colorable Abstract Colorable Vob humppake benja, tjl
Current 1013 Add clipping state to vob scenes benja
Current quasimodal_loom A preliminary quasimode-based interface for Fenfire and Loom benja
Current xu_text_2 Separate xu text from xu media benja
Current grizzly_bear Adopting Emma as our mascot benja
Current pts_content_types new accepted Content-Types in PermanentTextScroll dreevich benja
Current vobcoorder_fontscale tjl
Incomplete simple_storm Simplify Storm by dropping headers benja
Incomplete fenfire_vision The Fenfire mission statement benja, tjl
Incomplete view_interfaces View interface enhancements humppake, benja
Incomplete 1018 ViewTool humppake, benja
Incomplete 201 PEG format and process tjl humppake
Incomplete projectsplit Splitting and renaming Gzz tjl
Incomplete buoydesign Buoy view (xupdf) redesign tjl
Incomplete tests_output_cleanup Cleaning Tests' Output vegai
Incomplete coding_standard Coding Standard vegai
Incomplete gzz_colors Logo colors for Gzz tjl
Incomplete vobscene_recursion tjl
Incomplete spancellviews A new architecture for showing spans tjl
Incomplete structured_text Paragraphs and other text structure in Gzz benja
Incomplete vobuml UML stereotypes for describing Vob structs tjl
Incomplete vob_considerations Vobs from a 50k feet perspective benja
Incomplete gfxdemos_framework tjl, jvk
Incomplete diceable General dicing for polygonal things tjl
Incomplete vobcoorder_generator Vob Coordinate System Generator mudyc
Incomplete 1014 New coordinate system definitions tjl
Incomplete 1020 Calendar rendering mudyc tjl
incomplete email_storage PEG email_storage dreevich
Incomplete vobscene_hierarchies_clicks Some changes to how mouse clicks are handled in vobscene. tjl
Undefined cellview_naming cellview_naming
Undefined 1023 1023
Undefined 1017 1017
Undefined 1003 1003
Undefined 1002 1002
Undefined vob_interface vob_interface--benja
Accepted [mostly implemented] containment First cut at the containment mechanism benja
Accepted [mostly implemented] 1007 Split the gzz.vob package benja
Accepted rdf Use RDF as the structure for Fenfire benja
Accepted raw_blocks Storm blocks without a normal header benja
Accepted vob_addtolistgl tjl mudyc, benja, humppake
Accepted vobmatcher_keymap Sanity to vob key remapping tjl
Accepted async_storm Supporting aynchronicity in Storm benja
Accepted miniblocks A relatively sane way to do fake spans benja
Accepted cellview_naming Rename CellViews, freeze them benja
Accepted search_bindings Convenient bindings for full-text search benja
Accepted prefix_argument The prefix argument of keyboard commands benja
Accepted obsless_get_enfilade A variant of getEnfilade not taking an Obs parameter benja
Accepted bug_test_rst Marking failing tests to use ReST benja
Accepted styled_text Formatted text as a primitive benja
Accepted 1019 more VobCoorder and AffineVobCoorder methods tjl
Accepted 1012 Coordinate system concatenation and inversion tjl
Accepted view_split Split gzz.view tjl
Accepted 1011 Reduce Vob.RenderInfo tjl benja
Accepted 1004 Remove span serialization benja
Accepted vobcoorder_isActive Add isActive into VobCoorder tjl
Accepted vobcoorder_parents tjl
Accepted [ partly implemented ] 1010 Coordinate systems with several parents tjl
Accepted vob_boxcs The common box cs case benja
Accepted [ partly implemented ] 1001 Generic indexing API tjl, benja
Accepted miniblocks_uris Changes to the miniblock URI syntax benja
Accepted xu_text Use random ids for Xanalogical text benja
Implemented vobscene_interp tjl mudyc, benja
Implemented vobcoorder_culling Interface for creating CullingCoordSys humppake tjl
Implemented 1006 Remove AWT dependencies of tjl
Implemented 1016 Span subArea etc. parameter convention tjl
Implemented w2sx Replace w, h in most places by sx and sy tjl
Implemented bug_test Handling bugs tjl
Implemented 1022 Some key bindings benja
implemented 1009 VobCoorder and AffineVobCoorder improvements tjl benja
Implemented 1008 Reform the coordinate systems passed to TextVob tjl, benja
Implemented 1005 Split VobScene once more tjl benja
Implemented 1015 Point transformations tjl
Implemented 1021 Mouse clicks and VobScene tjl
Implemented box_cs Boxes in coorders. tjl
Implemented null_cs_api Interface changes tjl
Implemented vobscene_twids Small changes mostly to VobMatcher tjl
Implemented vobscene_put Delegate VobPlacer's methods from VobScene tjl
Irrelevant vob_bgvob Abstract Background Vob humppake benja, tjl
Irrelevant textstyle_getwidth How to get valid text widths in AWT benja, humppake
Irrelevant chug_shear_twirl Ted's Chug, Shear, and Twirl operations benja
Irrelevant xu_link_space Put xanalogical links into the same space benja

Explanation of table:


The current status of the PEG.

Currently under active consideration for accepting or rejecting.
After being rejected, being revised for another round.
Not yet being considered; details still being worked out by author and stakeholders.
Status is not yet defined, or peg's syntax is broken.
Accepted for implementing.
The changes are currently in main CVS. This PEG is now frozen, no changes should be made to it any more.
Rejected through peer review in the consensus process. Can be revived by being revised.
seems to be superseded by later PEGs.
A brief description of the main purpose of the PEG.
The author(s) (owner[s]) of the PEG; only this person can edit the main text of the PEG.
The people who consider this PEG important for their work and need to have their views represented. For instance, users of an API being considered, the designer of the parts that now require changing etc. Feel free to add yourself if you consider the change important.
All files related with PEG.