Class Background

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public class Background
extends java.lang.Object

Perform tasks in the background, in a queue. E.g. loading images.

If a task needs to be run again and again, it can add itself: while adding a task twice before it is run a single time will not cause it to run twice, a task adding itself while it is running will run again.

Field Summary
static boolean dbg
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addTask(java.lang.Runnable r)
          Add a new task to run with priority 0.
 void addTask(java.lang.Runnable r, float priority)
          Add a new task to be run in the background thread.
static Background getDefaultInstance()
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Field Detail


public static boolean dbg
Constructor Detail


public Background()
Method Detail


public void addTask(java.lang.Runnable r,
                    float priority)
Add a new task to be run in the background thread. If the task has already been added, and has not been started, the priority will be set to the lower number (higher priority) of the two, but the task will only be run once.


public void addTask(java.lang.Runnable r)
Add a new task to run with priority 0.


public static Background getDefaultInstance()