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Interface Summary
ScrollBlockManager.MediaserverScrollBlock A scrollblock that is associated with a Mediaserver block.

Class Summary
Enfilade1DImpl A simple tree implementation of enfilades.
FakeSpanMaker A SpanMaker that makes virtual (not-real) span objects.
FakeTextSpan An object that behaves like a text span but is not stored in a real Storm block.
PageImageScroll An scrollblock containing paged media (PS/PDF).
PermanentTextScroll A text scroll block loaded from somewhere.
ScrollBlockManager A central place which takes care of the ordering of scroll blocks.
ScrollBlockManager.ImageSpanBase A base class for image spans.
ScrollBlockManager.PageSpanBase A base class for page spans.
ScrollBlockManager.Span1DBase A base class for 1-D spans.
ScrollBlockManager.SpanBase A base class for physical spans that belong to one particular scrollblock.
ScrollSpanMaker A SpanMaker that makes real spans in TransientTextScrolls.
SimpleImageScroll An image scrollblock
SimpleSpanSet A simple, very slow span set.
TransientTextScroll A text scroll block.

Exception Summary