Interface DeltaCellTexter

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public interface DeltaCellTexter
extends CellTexter

The CellTexter of a DeltaSpace. Supports the same operations as DeltaSpace (with different parameters)

Field Summary
static java.lang.String rcsid
Method Summary
 void applyDelta(ContentDelta m)
          Apply a delta to this space.
 ContentDelta checkpointDelta()
          Get the set of changes.
 ContentDelta getDeltaFromZero()
          Get the set of changes needed to take a CellTexter from zero to the current state of this CellTexter.
Methods inherited from interface gzz.CellTexter
copyText, deleteText, getCellsWithContent, getText, insertText, moveText, setText

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String rcsid
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public ContentDelta checkpointDelta()
Get the set of changes. Returns the changes since a previous getDelta in a Delta object.


public ContentDelta getDeltaFromZero()
Get the set of changes needed to take a CellTexter from zero to the current state of this CellTexter.


public void applyDelta(ContentDelta m)
Apply a delta to this space. Also triggers observers. However, a change applied by applyDelta is NOT visible in the next getDelta().