In file gfx/libutil/Irregu.hxx:

template<class Coords> void draw

(Coords &coords,
  const vector<ZPt> &pt,
  const vector<ZVec> &norm,
  float texscale,
  float linewidth,
  float refsize,
  float scale_pow,
  float border0,
  float border1,
  float texslicing,
  const float c0[],
  const float c1[],
  int angles,
  int multi,
  unsigned flags)

Draws an irregular edge.


Draws an irregular edge. The edge specified in paper coordinates.

coords - vertex->screen transformation
pt - vertices of the edge
norm - normals at each vertex
texscale - vertex to texcoords scaling (divides texcoords)
linewidth - width of border line in pixels at refsize zoom (actually in units of the coords mapping destination)
refsize - the coords zoom factor where linewidth is defined
scale_pow - linewidth scaling exponent: e.g., 0 constant, 1 linear, 1/2 sqrt
border0 - quad inner edge displacement in units of norm
border1 - quad outer edge displacement in units of norm
texslicing - border0 and border1 factor for texcoords 0: 1D texture slice, 1: direct sprinkled
c0 - constant vector; currently specifies inner and outer color 4+4 floats
c1 - second constant vecotr; used for secondary color if c0 is already taken for primary color
angles - number of precomputed slicing angles in the texture
multi - the "radius" of texture units (i.e, (1 + 2 * multi) units); multi > 0 also enables some hardcoded options
flags - Y_COLOR glColor4fv(c0) / glColor4fv(c0+4) at inner/outer edge Y_SECCOLOR as Y_COLOR but with glSecondaryColor3fvEXT(...) DOTVEC_COLOR specify the angle-interpolation dotvector as glColor currently assumes a span of 180 degrees, i.e., only works for a pure 1D slice (2D texture slice requires full 360 degree span) INTERP_DOTVEC interpolate the dotvector using normals at each vertex (as opposed to using tangents at each quad) SLICE_1D map 1D tex slice (or 2D if texslicing != 0) SLICE_2D map 2D tex slice (use w/ SLICE_1D to get both coords) SHIFTS draw each quad 3 or 4 (texslicing != 0) times with linewidth-perturbed coordinates INSIDE draw the inside as a polygon (also maps texcoords as in the inner edge)

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