In file gfx/libtext/Text.hxx:

namespace Text

Fonts using OpenGL textures (mosaics) and FreeType2


Fonts using OpenGL textures (mosaics) and FreeType2

class GlyphInfo
The extents of a glyph
class Glyph
A glyph bitmap.
class Font
The abstract font class
class FTFont: public Font
A freetype font
class Font_Bordered: public Font
A filter which adds an empty border around each character.
template<class Char> class DenseGlyphs
A dense glyph set, 0-256
template<class Iterator, class RandomRenderer, class Vertex, class TexBind> float renderIter( RandomRenderer &r, Iterator begin, Iterator end, float x, float y, Vertex &vertex, TexBind t)
Render a string.

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