In file gfx/libmosaic/Mosaic.hxx:

namespace Mosaic

A simple mosaic-texture builder.


A simple mosaic-texture builder. A mosaic texture is simply a texture which is glued together from smaller images, with the intent that the images be used separately. This is most useful for fonts, since there we need hundreds of small images and storing all in separate OpenGL texture objects would be wasteful.

class Id
A pointer-semantics object representing a single texture.
struct Rect
A class representing a rectangular region of a single texture.
namespace Format
Texture formats
class RasterBase
Base class for images
template<class Format> class Raster: public RasterBase
A class representing a single raster image.
class Texture2D
A class which stores a complete texture image in memory as well as an OpenGL texture object.
class Texture2DFactory
A factory for creating Texture2D objects, for use in MosaicBuilder.
struct MosaicTile
A single tile in a mosaic.
class MosaicBuilder
A class that builds a mosaic of the requested tiles.

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