In file gfx/libutil/Debug.hxx:

namespace Debug

Handling debug variables.


Handling debug variables. This namespace (essentially a Singleton object) provides a global namespace of integer variables, useful for debugging.

#define DBGVAR(cname, name)
A macro to get a reference to a debug variable.
#define PREDBGVAR(cname)
Predeclare an extern debug variable.
#define DBGVAREXT(cname, name)
A macro create a physical debug variable and connect it to the namespace.
#define DBG(cname)
A macro that gives an output stream into which it has written the name of the debug variable.
int& var(const char* name)
Get a variable reference by name.
int& extVar(const char* name, int* var)
Set the address of the named variable.
std::vector<const char *> getVarNames()
Get a list of variable names.

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