Gzz Frontend

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The frontend implements a user interface to the structure in several layers. The aim is that the layers are reusable in different interfaces so that new types of views can be quickly created and integrated, and new user interface paradigms explored.

The layers of the frontend are shown in the UML diagram below.

gzz.client Gzz_Frontend_View.gen.html Gzz_Frontend_Vobs.gen.html gzz.client.gl gzz.client.awt Gzz_Frontend_GLRend.gen.html Gzz_Frontend.gen.html#frontend frontend

This differs from the previous architecture in that the packages gzz.view and gzz.client have been separated from each other. Now gzz.client provides the facilities to gzz.view for showing the views. Optimally, only classes implementing interfaces in gzz.view need to be replaced to provide new views.