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Status Name Topic Authors Stakeholders Files
Current animation_api Animation Layer API mudyc mudyc, tjl, benja
Current vob_event_action A Vob, Event and Action Matti J. Katila mudyc, tjl
Current vobscene_recursion tjl
Current controllers_events Requirements for handling events of controllers Matti J. Katila
Current transform_concatInverse tjl
Current gl_mouse_modifiers Fixing native mouse event binder mudyc, tjl tjl
Current vobscene_clipping Add clipping state to vob scenes benja
Current vobbatcher tjl
Current vobcoorder_fontscale tjl
Incomplete buoydesign Buoy view (xupdf) redesign tjl
Incomplete vob_considerations Vobs from a 50k feet perspective benja
Incomplete diceable General dicing for polygonal things tjl
Incomplete gfxdemos_framework tjl, jvk
Incomplete vobuml UML stereotypes for describing Vob structs tjl
Incomplete transform_definitions New coordinate system definitions tjl
Incomplete polar_decomposition jvk
Incomplete vobscene_hierarchies_clicks Some changes to how mouse clicks are handled in vobscene. tjl
Accepted [the APIs have evolved slightly but the basic architecture remains] glmosaictext_java Move glmosaictext to java tjl
Accepted [ partly implemented ] transform_parents Coordinate systems with several parents tjl
Accepted single_focus_manager Single Buoy Manager - One Focus and Buoys Matti J. Katila mudyc, tjl, benja
Accepted vobmatcher_keymap Sanity to vob key remapping tjl
Accepted vobcoorder_isActive Add isActive into VobCoorder tjl
Accepted vob_renderinfo Reduce Vob.RenderInfo tjl benja
Accepted vob_addtolistgl tjl mudyc, benja, humppake
Accepted vob_interface Make Vob an interface benja
Accepted vob_boxcs The common box cs case benja
Accepted [mostly implemented] vob_split Split the gzz.vob package benja
Accepted transform_concat Coordinate system concatenation and inversion tjl
Accepted vobcoorder_methods more VobCoorder and AffineVobCoorder methods tjl
Accepted vobcoorder_parents tjl
implemented vobcoorder_improvements VobCoorder and AffineVobCoorder improvements tjl benja
Implemented vobn N-coordinate system vobs tjl
Implemented cursors Changing mouse cursor humppake
Implemented vob_colorable Abstract Colorable Vob humppake benja, tjl
Implemented vobscene_split Split VobScene once more tjl benja
Implemented vobscene_mouseclicks Mouse clicks and VobScene tjl
Implemented vobscene_interp tjl mudyc, benja
Implemented vobcoorder_culling Interface for creating CullingCoordSys humppake tjl
Implemented vob_transforms Reform the coordinate systems passed to TextVob tjl, benja
Implemented box_cs Boxes in coorders. tjl
Implemented null_cs_api Interface changes tjl
Implemented transform_points Point transformations tjl
Implemented w2sx Replace w, h in most places by sx and sy tjl
Implemented vobscene_put Delegate VobPlacer's methods from VobScene tjl
Implemented vobscene_twids Small changes mostly to VobMatcher tjl
Irrelevant vobcoorder_generator Vob Coordinate System Generator mudyc
Irrelevant vob_calendar Calendar rendering mudyc tjl
Irrelevant vob_bgvob Abstract Background Vob humppake benja, tjl
Irrelevant textstyle_getwidth How to get valid text widths in AWT benja, humppake

Explanation of table:


The current status of the PEG.

Currently under active consideration for accepting or rejecting.
After being rejected, being revised for another round.
Not yet being considered; details still being worked out by author and stakeholders.
Status is not yet defined, or peg's syntax is broken.
Accepted for implementing.
The changes are currently in main CVS. This PEG is now frozen, no changes should be made to it any more.
Rejected through peer review in the consensus process. Can be revived by being revised.
seems to be superseded by later PEGs.
A brief description of the main purpose of the PEG.
The author(s) (owner[s]) of the PEG; only this person can edit the main text of the PEG.
The people who consider this PEG important for their work and need to have their views represented. For instance, users of an API being considered, the designer of the parts that now require changing etc. Feel free to add yourself if you consider the change important.
All files related with PEG.