Proposals for enhancing Fenfire

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PEGs should use the python reStructuredText markup language. Quick reference could be handy.


Status Name Topic Authors Stakeholders Files
Current (Partially preliminarily implemented [since in its own package]) swamp_rdf_api tjl
Current view_nodetypemanager NodeTypeManager humppake tjl, mudyc
Current functional_futureproof_api tjl
Current textnodeview_locate_cursor Locating cursor in textnodeview with broken lines humppake
Current lava_rules Coding rules w.r.t. lava tjl
Current src_utf8 UTF8 as our global encoding in all sources tjl
Current canvas_text Spatial canvas text enchaments mudyc
Current urn5s_as_properties urn5s_as_properties--benja benja
Current markup_xhtmlmodules tjl
Current swamp_easier_iteration An easier iteration API for Swamp benja
Current cvs_to_tla Move to a better versioning system tjl
Current sub_rdf_xml Sub-RDF/XM benja
Current swamp_easier An easier API for Swamp benja
Incomplete fenpdf_v1_spec_1 FenPDF v1 first specification tjl benja, mudyc, humppake
Incomplete fastviews tjl
Incomplete fenpdf_v1_1_spec_1 FenPDF v1.1 first spec tjl
Incomplete canvas_transcludable_vocab Alter Canvas2D vocab to support transclusions benja
Incomplete fenfire_vision The Fenfire mission statement benja, tjl
Incomplete loom_viewtool ViewTool humppake, benja
Incomplete projectmanagement tjl
Incomplete content_handler Constructing simple handlers for specific span mudyc mudyc
Incomplete nodeview_abstract Abstract node view, context and content mudyc mudyc
Incomplete model_versions tjl
Incomplete gzz_colors Logo colors for Gzz tjl
Incomplete coding_standard Coding Standard vegai
Incomplete view_interfaces View interface enhancements humppake, benja
Postponed quasimodal_loom A preliminary quasimode-based interface for Fenfire and Loom benja
Accepted cvs_ids_out Stop using CVS ids tjl
Accepted ideas_dirs PEG-like directories for ideas tjl
Accepted purenodefunction tjl
Accepted creation_history Object creation order RDF schema tjl benja, mudyc, humppake
Accepted linktypes Renaming link types tjl
Accepted model_management What are Spaces in the new system? tjl
Accepted prefix_argument The prefix argument of keyboard commands benja
Accepted search_bindings Convenient bindings for full-text search benja
Implemented vocabprocess process for RDF vocabularies tjl
Implemented projectsplit Splitting and renaming Gzz tjl
Implemented rdf Use RDF as the structure for Fenfire benja
Irrelevant canon3_file_format A canonical, N3-based file format benja
Irrelevant grizzly_bear Adopting Emma as our mascot benja
Irrelevant containment First cut at the containment mechanism benja
Irrelevant cellview_naming Rename CellViews, freeze them benja
Irrelevant bindings_some Some key bindings benja
Irrelevant view_split Split gzz.view tjl
Irrelevant chug_shear_twirl Ted's Chug, Shear, and Twirl operations benja

Explanation of table:


The current status of the PEG.

Currently under active consideration for accepting or rejecting.
After being rejected, being revised for another round.
Not yet being considered; details still being worked out by author and stakeholders.
Status is not yet defined, or peg's syntax is broken.
Accepted for implementing.
The changes are currently in main CVS. This PEG is now frozen, no changes should be made to it any more.
Rejected through peer review in the consensus process. Can be revived by being revised.
seems to be superseded by later PEGs.
A brief description of the main purpose of the PEG.
The author(s) (owner[s]) of the PEG; only this person can edit the main text of the PEG.
The people who consider this PEG important for their work and need to have their views represented. For instance, users of an API being considered, the designer of the parts that now require changing etc. Feel free to add yourself if you consider the change important.
All files related with PEG.