newbie-experiences.rst: A newbie's first experiences about using FenPDF

Date: 2003-9-12
Revision: 1.8

This document describes a newbie's first experiences about using FenPDF. The document consists of notes that a newbie has encountered while using FenPDF. Hopefully, these discoveries will assist FenPDF's authors to develop even better software.

The newbie started his experiments on 2003-9-11.


Doesn't know how to create connections [2003-9-11]

The creation of connections is somewhat complicated (left-right stuff) [2003-9-12]

What is the "left-right" stuff anyway? Is "from left to right" connection identical to "from right to left" connection? [2003-9-12]

"Delete this node" vs. "Destroy this canvas": why different words for similar operations? Or, are they not similar? [2003-9-12]

While editing a text in a node, newline command is shift-enter, right? Little confusing this Mathematica-like newlining...[2003-9-11]

User Interface

When FenPDF is started, the function of two overlapping canvases in unclear, i.e., is there two frames, are they different view, or..? [2003-9-11]

While editing a text in a node, why the text is red? [2003-9-12]


Lack of documention, i.e., actions (mouse/keyboards) which are available for a end user. This problem affects almost everything. BAD. [2003-9-11]

FenPDF starts really sloooooowly [2003-9-11]

While FenPDF starts, a lot of expections can be seen in the console (the reason that there are no scroll blocks available that are binded to RDF graph). Really confusing! [2003-9-11]


PDF/PS import doesn't work [2003-9-12]

Occasional crashes when pointing to a canvas (non PDF/PS), i.e. when moving to left/right between canvases. Usually the first step succees but when moving to an another canvas in same direction, FenPDF crashes. [2003-9-11, 2003-9-12]

Console shows :: EXCEPTION WHILE UPDATING! java.lang.Error: Loading blocktmpfile - Block: urn:x-storm:1.0:application/pdf,6dpeqsbe74cqqqgq5t4xn6se7yis2ura.tcdojgvbkfexkzuewmzhxj6dlbocxyfwzpkcccq

System Message: ERROR/3 (../ffdoc/fenfire/newbie-experiences.rst, line 66)

Unexpected indentation.
at org.nongnu.alph.impl.StormAlph.getBlockFile( at org.nongnu.alph.impl.PageImageScroll.generatePageInfo(

Also, when I started from "Home", selected "Our Work" and pointed mouse's left button for writing/creating a node, FenPDF crashed [2003-9-12]

Console shows

System Message: WARNING/2 (../ffdoc/fenfire/newbie-experiences.rst, line 74)

Literal block expected; none found.

java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid coordsys ind! Exception in mouse Exception in thread "Thread-2" Traceback (innermost last):

System Message: ERROR/3 (../ffdoc/fenfire/newbie-experiences.rst, line 78)

Unexpected indentation.
(no code object) at line 0

System Message: WARNING/2 (../ffdoc/fenfire/newbie-experiences.rst, line 79)

Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
java.lang.Exception: Invalid coordsys ind!
at Method)

This happens most frequently and prevents using FenPDF!!! Update: The Lead programmer of FenPDF says that pressing C-s twice should prevent FenPDF to crash.

While editing text in a node, backspace doesn't work properly, i.e., user cannot which characters are actually deleted until user hits a key or ends editing (focus to somewhere else) [2003-9-11]

While editing text in a node, a del key doesn't work at all. [2003-9-11]